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This ITEM ships From The U.S.A. Made To Order, Allow 2–3 Weeks For Delivery.

The puddle lights are Replacement OEM grade and customized for the Ford Raptor. These are produced on demand at our workshop with glass lenses

These lights are designed to fit seamlessly into your mirrors, offering exceptional quality and durability. With high-powered LED technology, they provide brighter and more effective illumination they are plug-and-play and compatible with factory connectors.

No Error codes, flickering, and radio interference, as these lights won't disrupt your vehicle's systems.

We commit to quality 


Will Be Offering The Following Colors Below.

  • Orange Raptor Claw
  • Red Raptor Claw
  • White Raptor Claw


    1. 2x projector lights (left and right)
    2. Wiring harnesses for each light
    3. Tool To Adjust to light The To Your Style


     Direct replacement - Easy to fit yourself

     Fully compatible - No error or warning on the dashboard to ensure that the new lights are fully compatible with your Tesla. 

     Super bright - The brightest LED puddle lights available on the market. Best viewed at night time.

     High-quality LED - Quality projection film for clarity and longevity ensuring years of use.

     Completely plug and play - Just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in.

      The super bright LED projector shines light through a lens with your car badge straight onto the ground, illuminating the area around you and your car doors. 


      Simply remove the existing puddle lights and fit these lights in connecting the wires of the original lights. No special tools are required for this DIY installation. 

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    Lou Nigrelli
    Great product

    Product came in perfect condition and I got it in a timely manner. Very easy to deal with. Thanks again.